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Gup Test Study Guides

After you've studied for the written test for your next Gup rank, try the Tang Soo Do Quiz under the Students menu above (or click here) to see if you're ready!

  • 9th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 8th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 7th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 6th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 5th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 4th Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 3rd Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 2nd Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • 1st Gup Study Guide - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Bo Study Guide - (PDF)

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Cho Dan Bo and Black Belt Test Preparation

  • Cho Dan Bo Test Preparation - (PDF)
  • Tang Soo Do Flash Cards - (PDF)
  • TSD Korean Terms & Important Dates - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Bo & Black Belt Essay Guidelines - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Bo Guidelines - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Bo Expectations - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Guide (Preparing for the Black Belt Test) - (PDF)
  • Maintenance Test Preparation - (PDF)
  • Cho Dan Bo & Black Belt Profile / Record Sheet (Word) - (PDF)
  • Teaching Log - (Excel) (PDF)

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  • Parents Guide - (PDF)
  • How To Tie Your Belt - (PDF)
  • Sparring Gear Sizing Guide [Charts] - (PDF)

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