Under Grandmaster Vaughn’s guidance, the students of the dojang work with numerous charitable organizations throughout the year. These include sponsoring blood drives, collecting items for the homeless, sponsoring events such as kick-a-thons to benefit various organizations, and many others. Vaughn’s Dojang takes its responsibility to the community seriously. As martial artists, we have an obligation to give to others—by not only teaching the art of Tang Soo Do to others, but by striving to make the world a better place. It follows that if we can help those around us, we are spreading the ideals of the art we study, even if our contributions are ones we make when not in our dobohks. That is why Vaughn’s Dojang sponsors so many charitable and community events each year.

Bethesda Project

Bethesda Project Logo Since 2001, Vaughn’s Dojang has organized a collection every winter. The Bethesda Project provides shelter, food, and support services to the homeless of Philadelphia. The dojang collects t-shirts, gloves, soap, razors, shaving cream, and other necessities. Students from all classes generously donate such items each holiday season so that others can have some of the basic necessities. Members of the dojang also donate their time each year on Thanksgiving morning to help serve a holiday meal.

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American Red Cross Blood Drives

American Red Cross Logo Vaughn’s Dojang has worked with the American Red Cross since 2002, sponsoring 2 blood drives each year. We believe that a blood drive is an excellent way to help others. So many patients need blood each year that the American Red Cross is always in need of donors. Sponsoring a drive is easy. The Red Cross provides all the materials and does all the set-up. All that is required is for donors to be willing to donate. During each drive, many Vaughn’s Dojang students take time out of their day giving blood or being available at the dojang in case the Red Cross needs anything. Gup and Dan students alike can participate in the blood drive.

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Self-Defense Seminars

Self-Defense Seminar Every year, Vaughn’s Dojang conducts numerous free self-defense seminars, primarily for women in the community. In these seminars, the attendees are taught the value of defending themselves as well as a few basic techniques should the need to defend themselves ever arise. These seminars are offered through local schools, churches, and other community organizations.

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Anyone with an idea for a charitable event, please contact Grandmaster Vaughn at our Audubon Studio at 610-676-0691.

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