Black Belt Club


Black Belt Club We have enhanced our agreement program by creating a "Black Belt Club" membership option. This 3-year contract option (as opposed to the basic 1-year agreement) is available to all Green Belt (6th Gup) students and higher ranks. It is not available to White or Orange Belts (10th-7th Gup).

While there are financial and other benefits to the Black Belt Club membership, the principal rationale for joining the Black Belt Club is demonstration that the student is taking a serious approach to his or her training—one of the 14 attitude requirements of Tang Soo Do.

The Black Belt Club agreement is administered in the same manner as the 1-year agreement with an automatic debit. There are some clear benefits to Black Belt Club membership:
  • The annual sign-up fee is waived in years 2 & 3
  • Price locked-in, no increases for 3 years
  • Substantial savings over the life of the contract (about $200)
  • Special Uniform and Equipment Package for only $150 (see documents below)
  • Special Saturday training classes available only to Black Belt Club members (9:00 All-Levels class and 10:00 Red/Blue class)
  • 33% Discount on Hapkido classes. Go to Students > Classes > Hapkido at the top of the page, or click here to learn about the hapkido program at Vaughn’s Dojang.
  • YMCA members eligible for the 10:00 Red/Blue belt class (3rd Gup and above) may still attend by paying a fee per class. White/Orange belt students from Audubon may attend the 9:00 All-Levels class for a fee. Please see your instructor for Saturday morning class fees.

Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt Apprentice) students from all schools must join the Black Belt Club at least 6 months prior to Cho Dan testing in order to be eligible to test.

Master Vaughn encourages all Green Belt and above students to seriously consider taking advantage of the Black Belt Club membership option. It demonstrates your serious approach and attitude, makes good financial sense, gives you additional training opportunities, and will show the whole studio that you are...


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