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Traditional Tang Soo Do
Tiny Tigers / Little Dragons
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SUMMER SPECIAL – Look Awesome at the Beach!
1 Month of Lessons (8 classes), plus a Uniform,
plus 1 Private Lesson. All for $99.95! Offer ends soon!
Karate Teaches Respect and Builds Self-Confidence

Vaughn’s Dojang has provided quality instruction in the traditional martial art of Korean karate known as Tang Soo Do for over 20 years. All classes are taught by Black Belt instructors certified by the World Tang Soo Do Association under the direction & guidance of Master Chuck Vaughn and Grandmaster Robert Beaudoin. We also specialize in the instruction of Sin Moo Hapkido. Vaughn’s Dojang is 1 of only 3 schools in the U.S. to receive direct instruction from the founder of Sin Moo Hapkido, Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae. We have classes for children and adults, as well as a class for Special Needs students. Browse our website to learn more—and then call or come visit us!

6-Month Special for Family
Members of Current Students!

Check with your instructor
for details.

* Important Announcement Regarding
Time Away from Training

Go to the What's Happening page
and scroll down to the
Announcements section.

Self-Defense Seminar
Saturday - July 22, 2017
Free community event
9:00 AM to Noon
at the Audubon Studio
Volunteers needed to assist!

Combined Cho Dan Bo and
Black Belt Class

Saturday - July 22, 2017
10:00-12:00 at the Audubon Studio

Maintenance Tests
July 8, 19, & 29!

See the What's Happening page
for more information.

Important Reminder to all Black
Belts & Black Belt Candidates
regarding the Essay Requirement!

See the What's Happening page.

No Cho Dan Bo or Black Belt Classes
at the Audubon Studio due to
Maintenance Tests
Saturday - July 8 & 29
Wednesday - July 19
The 9:00 Saturday classes will be
held as usual.

Registration is now open for
the Region 8 Fall Championship

See the What's Happening page
for more info. & to register (Click
"Show events for October").

Audubon & Phoenixville YMCA
Gup Test & Graduation

Tuesday - August 15, 2017
6:45 PM at the Audubon Studio
* Please arrive by 6:30 PM
** See the What's Happening page
for important information.

Vaughn's Lifetime Membership
** See the What's Happening page to
learn how you can earn a Lifetime
Membership to Vaughn's Dojang.

Tang Soo Do Quiz
After you've studied for the written
test for your next Gup rank, try the
Tang Soo Do Quiz under the Students
menu above to see if you're ready!

What's Happening
Check the What's Happening page
(under News & Events) for Important
Announcements and more events.

Hapkido Program Open to All!
The Vaughn's hapkido program is
open to students of all ranks!
See the What's Happening page
for more information.

Instructor Profiles Section
Go to Instructors > Instructor Profiles
to learn more about the exceptional
instructors at Vaughn's Dojang.